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V3NM - Your trusted partner for Electrical Liaison Installation Services in Tamil Nadu. As a licensed company, we specialize in facilitating electrical liaison services, including approvals, installations, and coordination with CEIG Chennai and the District Electrical Inspector. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and efficient process, prioritizing quality, safety, and reliability. We cater to the unique needs of businesses, delivering tailored solutions for each project, particularly for connections exceeding 150 KW in Tamil Nadu industries through TNEB. For expert electrical liaisoning services and the issuance of safety certificates, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, v3nm is your trusted solution.

How Electrical Liaisoning Installation Services Work?

The functioning of Electrical Liaison and Installations involves a company like V3NM utilizing its valid EA License to streamline and facilitate the approval and electrical liaison installation process of electrical equipment in accordance with approved plans. This process necessitates close collaboration with regulatory authorities, specifically the CEIG office in Chennai and the respective District Electrical Inspector's office, to ensure the acquisition of safety certificates for new electrical connections exceeding 150 KW, encompassing both solar and traditional electrical loads. These services are vital for meeting the electrical requirements of industries in Tamil Nadu and are facilitated through coordination with TNEB.

Our Electrical Liaisoning Services

The purpose of electrical liaison and installations is to facilitate the approval and installation process of electrical equipment in adherence to approved plans.

Licence Utilization

As a valid Electrical Advisor (EA), we have a licence to streamline the approval and installation procedures.

Regulatory Collaboration

Close collaboration with regulatory authorities, including the CEIG office in Chennai and the respective District Electrical Inspector's office.

Industry Support

Our industry support services are crucial for supporting your industrial electrical needs in TamilNadu.

Coordination with TNEB

This process involves coordinating with the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) to facilitate the approval and installation process effectively.

Safety Certificates

The objective is to obtain the safety certificates required for new electrical connections exceeding 150 KW, covering both solar and traditional electrical loads.

Looking for Top-Rated Electrical Liaisoning Services?

HT Installation Services

HT (High Tension) Installation Services offered by V3NM are tailored to meet the specific electrical needs of our clients. We specialize in handling projects that require voltage levels of 11, 22, and 33 KV, providing efficient solutions for installations up to 3000 KVA (11 and 22 KV) and up to 10,000 KVA (33 KV). Our meticulous approach ensures that HT equipment is installed in compliance with approved drawings and norms specified by the Electrical Inspectorate, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of your electrical infrastructure. By examining our services side by side, you can make informed decisions that align with the unique requirements of your electrical projects.
Approval ProcessCEIG Office in Chennai or the District Electrical Inspector's office
Common Voltages11, 22, 33 KV
Installation CapacityUp to 3000 KVA (11 and 22 KV), Up to 10,000 KVA (33 KV)
Voltage DeterminationProportional to KVA load
EquipmentHT structures, HV transformers, HV VCBs, etc.
Completion Report SubmissionCEIG or District Electrical Inspector's office
InspectionsElectrical Inspectorate officials
Defect Report (DR)Yes
Rectification Report (RR)Submission to respective offices
Safety CertificateIssued if RR is satisfactory
EB SupplySubmission to TNEB

EHT Installation Services

EHT (Extra High Tension) Installation Services by us are designed to cater to the demands of high-voltage electrical projects in Tamil Nadu. We specialize in EHT installations and substations, operating at voltages of 110 KV and 230 KV, with capacities exceeding 10,000 KVA. Our services encompass the design and electrical liaison installation of a wide range of EHT equipment, including EHT structures, EHV power transformers, SF6 circuit breakers, and more, all meticulously executed in accordance with CEIG office approvals and instructions. Have a look at the details of our EHT Installation services that enhance your electrical infrastructure.
Approval ProcessCEIG Office Chennai
Common Voltages110, 230 KV
Installation CapacityAbove 10,000 KVA
Voltage DeterminationProportional to KVA load
EquipmentEHT structures, EHV power transformers, SF6 circuit breakers, etc.
Completion Report SubmissionCEIG Office Chennai
InspectionsElectrical Inspectorate officials
Defect Report (DR)Yes
Rectification Report (RR)Submission to respective offices
Safety CertificateIssued if RR is satisfactory
EB SupplySubmission to TNEB

Our Work Process


We design EHT/HT equipment for substations and obtain necessary approvals from CEIG Office Chennai and relevant authorities based on Transformer capacity and drawings.


The liaison process involves drawing approval, inspection, and rectification for EHT/HT installations, coordinated with Electrical Inspectorate offices.


Electrical substations are installed at 110/230 KV for EHT and 11/22/33 KV for HT based on KVA requirements by licensed electricians, with a completion report submitted to regulatory offices for compliance.

Quality Inspection

The completion report is thoroughly inspected to ensure safety, industry standards, and adherence to approved drawings for a safe electrical setup.

Benefits of Choosing V3NM Electrical Liaisoning Services

Efficient Approval Process

Efficient Approval Process

Liaison with regulatory authorities like the CEIG office streamlines the approval process for electrical installations, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Leveraging the experience and knowledge of regulatory bodies ensures that the design and installation meet industry standards and safety norms.
Compliance Assurance

Compliance Assurance

Liaison with the CEIG office and Electrical Inspectorate guarantees compliance with regional regulations and promotes a safe and reliable electrical infrastructure.

HT Installation

EHT Installation

Transform Your Power Challenges into
Solutions with V3NM!

Why Choose V3NM For Electrical Liaisoning Services

V3NM ELECTRICALS SOLAR SOLUTIONS, with 41 years of expertise, specializes in EHT/HT installations and substations, prioritizing safety and ensuring compliant and reliable electrical systems for clients. Our approach covers design, regulatory approvals, and flawless installations, guaranteeing a strong and safe electrical setup.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the electrical liaisoning process typically take for a project?

The electrical liaisoning process typically takes a maximum of 45 working days.

2. What safety measures are implemented during HT and EHT installations?

Safety measures during HT and EHT installations in India include using proper safety equipment, qualified personnel, isolation procedures, safety signage, regular inspections, an emergency response plan, safety training, and compliance with standards.

3. What types of projects require electrical liaisoning services?

Electrical liaisoning services are needed for projects requiring approvals, safety certificates, and equipment installations per approved electrical plans, especially for projects exceeding 150KW, such as solar installations and industrial electrical loads in Tamil Nadu.

4. Do you offer maintenance and support services after the completion of the installation?

Yes, we provide ongoing maintenance and support services after the installation to ensure efficient and safe electrical system operation. Our team is readily available for any concerns and regular maintenance checks.

5. What types of permits and clearances are typically needed for electrical liaisoning services?

For electrical liaisoning services, typical requirements include approval of electrical drawings by CEIG, acquisition of safety certificates, and obtaining TNEB approval for additional loads or new connections.
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