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We're your trusted solar installation company in Tirunelveli, specializing in convenient solar panel installation services. Our focus is on creating solar systems that efficiently harness the sun's energy to generate electricity, reducing your TNEB bills and environmental impact. With V3NM, you'll experience top-tier domestic solar solutions that integrate the latest technology, tailored to your specific energy needs. Opt for our specialized domestic solar installation services in Tirunelveli to take a significant stride towards a sustainable and cost-efficient energy solution. Embrace the power of solar with us for a greener, more economical future.

Our Domestic Solar Panel Installation Services in Tirunelveli

V3NM brings sustainable energy seamlessly to your home. With 41 years of expertise, our technical director, well-versed in TNEB and CEIG liaison, manages the installation, operation, maintenance, and coordination of solar power panels. Explore our straightforward solutions for domestic solar installation in Tirunelveli, making your home more eco-friendly and energy-efficient with V3NM.

Solar Panel Design

Customized solar solutions are crafted to enhance energy production according to your specific requirements and location.


Continuous maintenance and monitoring are implemented to uphold your solar panel system's peak efficiency, thereby maximizing your energy savings.


Our team ensures the professional and efficient installation of solar panels, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal performance.


Receive expert consultations to navigate the solar energy process, gaining insights and solutions to make well-informed decisions on your solar energy journey.

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Why Choose V3NM for Solar Panel Installation in Tirunelveli?

V3NM stands out as a top choice for solar panel installation in Tirunelveli due to some compelling reasons.


Benefit from our decades of specialized experience, ensuring precision in designing, installing, and maintaining your solar panel system.

Customer Service

Our customer-centric approach guarantees that your needs are met promptly, making your solar journey smooth and satisfactory.

Smooth Approval Process

Navigate through the approval process with our guidance, including handling TNEB's response and clarifying any queries regarding charges and feasibility.

Competitive Pricing

Experience the advantage of competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service, making V3NM a cost-effective solution for your solar energy needs.


Rely on us for a reliable and efficient solar panel installation, supported by our technical director's extensive experience and a committed team.

Facilitating Inspection and Grid Connection

We assist in arranging inspections by TNEB officials and coordinate the process of meter change to a Solar Netmeter upon successful inspection.

Seamless Financial Transactions

Simplify financial transactions by facilitating online payments for Net Meter supply and installation charges to TNEB upon feasibility approval (approximately Rs 10,500).

Efficient Solar Panel Installation

Take control of the installation process with our expertise, ensuring the seamless and efficient installation of TNEB-approved capacity solar panels.

Solar Panel Installation Process

Let's break down the straightforward process of installing solar panels in Tirunelveli with V3NM:

Step 1

Consultation and Analysis

1.Look at your TNEB bills, check how much electricity you use in a year, and understand when and how you use it.
2.Figure out the approved amount of electricity you're allowed (in kW), and know that about 90% of that can be used for installing solar panels after a careful look.

Step 2

Feasibility Assessment & Application Submission

1.Tell TNEB online that you want to study if it's possible to install solar panels based on how much electricity you use every year.
2. Wait for TNEB's answer about whether it's okay to install solar panels, and find out the costs, rules, and what you need to do.

Step 3

Payment and Approval

1.If TNEB says it's okay, pay about Rs 10,500 online for the Net Meter (which measures the electricity) and its installation.
2.V3NM (the company) will then put up the solar panels at your place, making sure it follows TNEB's rules.

Step 4

Inspection and Meter Change

1. Quickly and correctly ask TNEB for an inspection online.
2.TNEB will check if the solar panels are okay and change your old electricity meter to a Solar Net Meter that works better with solar power.

Step 5

Grid Connection and Activation

1. If the inspection goes well, TNEB will allow you to connect the solar panels to the Solar Net Meter so they can work together.
2. Your solar panel system is now activated, ready to reliably generate clean and sustainable energy for your home.

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Who We Are?

With 41 years of experience and an unwavering dedication to quality, V3NM has established itself as a reliable leader in the solar panel installation industry. Our primary objective is to deliver outstanding services in solar panel installation, empowering individuals and households with sustainable energy solutions through our residential solar installation services. As a prominent solar installation company in Tirunelveli, we prioritize excellence in every aspect of our operations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to install solar panels in Tirunelveli?

Typically, solar panel installation in Tirunelveli takes about two days, starting after TNEB approval and payment processing, including charges for solar net meters and settling invoices with V3NM Electrical Solar Solutions.

2. How do I maintain my solar panels?

To keep your solar panels in top shape, it's recommended to clean them with water every three months. Taking advantage of natural rain can also contribute to regular maintenance.

3. Is there a warranty for the solar panel installation?

Yes, our solar panel installation comes with a solid warranty package, featuring a 25-year warranty on the solar panels and a 5-year warranty on the on-grid inverter to ensure long-term performance and your satisfaction.

4. Can I add more solar panels to my system later?

Certainly! You can expand your solar panel setup in the future, ensuring it complies with the approved capacity from TNEB. If needed, you can apply for additional loads through TNEB before adding more solar panels.

5. Is your company certified for solar panel installation in Tirunelveli?

Yes, our company is certified and has TNEB (TANGEDCO) vendor approval, ensuring secure and proficient solar panel installations. Our team of technicians is trained and MSME-certified for added expertise.
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