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Step into a more sustainable future with V3NM, your go-to destination for exceptional solar panel installation services right at your doorstep. Our expertise lies in designing solar systems that efficiently harness the sun's energy, leading to reduced TNEB bills and a positive impact on the environment. At V3NM, we take pride in providing top-notch residential solar solutions, integrating cutting-edge technology tailored to suit your specific energy requirements. Opt for our specialized residential solar installation services in Madurai and take a significant leap towards a greener and more cost-effective energy solution. As the leading solar installation company in Madurai, we extend an invitation for you to join us in embracing the power of solar for a brighter and more eco-friendly tomorrow.

Our Domestic Solar Panel Installation Services in Madurai

With 41 years of field experience, our technical director, an expert in TNEB, CEIG liaison, and all aspects of domestic solar installation in Madurai, guides our journey. We provide a variety of straightforward solutions for your home's solar power needs, covering installation, operation, maintenance, and coordination of solar panels.

Solar Panel Design

Tailored solar solutions are designed to enhance energy production according to your specific requirements and geographic location.


Continual upkeep and monitoring are conducted to uphold your solar panel system's optimal efficiency, thereby maximizing your energy savings.


The installation of solar panels is carried out with professionalism and efficiency, ensuring smooth integration and optimal performance.


Proficient consultations are provided to assist you throughout the process, offering valuable insights and solutions to help you make informed decisions on your solar energy journey.

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Why Choose V3NM for Solar Panel Installation in Madurai?

V3NM, a leading solar installation company in Madurai, distinguishes itself with compelling factors within the domain of solar panel installation.


Leverage decades of specialized experience to ensure precision in designing, installing, and maintaining your solar panel system.

Facilitating Inspection and Grid Connection

Assist in arranging inspections by TNEB officials and coordinate the process of meter change to a Solar Netmeter upon successful inspection.

Smooth Application Process

We will guide you through the approval process, including waiting for TNEB's response and addressing any queries regarding charges and feasibility.

Competitive Pricing

Take advantage of competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or service, ensuring that V3NM remains a cost-efficient solution for all your solar energy requirements.

Seamless Financial Transactions

Facilitate online payment of charges for Net Meter supply and installation to TNEB upon feasibility approval (approximately Rs 10,500).

Efficient Solar Panel Installation

Take charge of installing TNEB-approved capacity solar panels, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.


Rely on us for a dependable and efficient solar panel installation, supported by the extensive experience of our technical director and a dedicated team.

Customer Service

At our core, we prioritize our customers, ensuring that their requirements are promptly addressed, leading to a seamless and gratifying experience throughout their solar journey.

Solar Panel Installation Process

Certainly! Below is a detailed breakdown of the sequential steps involved in the installation of solar panels

Step 1

Consultation and Analysis

1.Analyze TNEB bills, kWh consumption, and usage patterns over a year to gain a comprehensive understanding of your energy usage.
2.Take note of the approved load in kW, typically allowing for the installation of solar panels up to 90% of the approved load after a thorough assessment.

Step 2

Feasibility Assessment & Application Submission

1.Apply online via the TNEB website for a solar panel feasibility study based on annual energy consumption.
2. Await TNEB's official response, including approval for feasibility, Net Meter supply, installation charges, and compliance with requirements and regulations.

Step 3

Payment and Approval

1.After receiving feasibility approval, make the necessary payment for Net Meter supply and installation charges to TNEB online (approximately Rs 10,500).
2.V3NM proceeds with the installation of TNEB-approved capacity (in kW) solar panels at the site, enhancing the renewable energy infrastructure.

Step 4

Inspection and Meter Change

1. Promptly and accurately submit a request for inspection of the solar panel installations to TNEB officials through the online portal.
2.TNEB officials conduct an inspection, replacing the existing meter with a Solar Net Meter to ensure accurate tracking of energy production.

Step 5

Grid Connection and Activation

1. Following a successful inspection, TNEB grants permission to connect the solar panel system to the Solar Net Meter for on-grid operation.
2. Your solar panel system is now activated, ready to reliably generate clean and sustainable energy for your home.

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Who We Are?

With an impressive 41-year history and steadfast commitment to excellence, V3NM stands out as a trusted presence in the solar installation sector. Our focus is on providing exceptional services, with a dedicated goal of empowering individuals and households through the delivery of sustainable energy solutions via our domestic solar installation services. As a leading solar installation company in Madurai, our unwavering dedication to quality distinguishes us from the rest.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to install solar panels in Madurai?

The installation usually takes two days after TNEB approval and payment to V3NM Electrical Solar Solutions.

2. How do I maintain my solar panels?

Clean them with water every three months, or let natural rain help with regular maintenance.

3. Is there a warranty for your solar panel installation?

Yes, we offer a 25-year warranty on solar panels and a 5-year warranty on the on-grid inverter.

4. Can I add more solar panels later?

Yes, you can expand your setup, but ensure it complies with TNEB-approved capacity. Apply for additional loads if necessary.

5. Is your company certified for solar panel installation in Madurai?

Yes, we're certified and have TNEB vendor approval. Our technicians are trained and MSME-certified for expertise.
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