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Experience innovation and precision with V3NM Electricals Solar Solutions, specializing in industrial switchboard installation services that set the standard for efficiency and accuracy. We power the future, one switchboard at a time, ensuring seamless installations tailored to your industrial needs. Our dedicated team excels in integrating solar technology to promote sustainability, while providing top-quality industrial switchboard Operation & Maintenance services. With a focus on precision and safety, we optimize your electrical setup, boosting your facility's performance and enhancing overall industrial operations. Trust us to lead the way in industrial switchboard Operation & Maintenance services, revolutionizing your electrical systems.

Types of Industrial Switchboards

In the world of industrial electrical systems, understanding the various types of switchboards is crucial for effective power distribution and control.


Medium Voltage Panels handle 433 voltage electrical distribution in industrial settings.


Sub-distribution Switchboards are vital for efficient power distribution within larger facilities.


Motor Control Centers manage and control motors and other electrical equipment on an industrial scale.


Automatic Power Factor Correction panels optimize power usage and efficiency in industrial facilities.


Distribution Boards efficiently distribute electrical power to various circuits and equipment within an industrial facility.

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HT VCB Indoor
Installation Services

We specialize in delivering top-notch HT VCB Indoor Installation services tailored specifically for High-Tension Vacuum Circuit Breakers (HT VCB) in indoor setups. Our dedicated team of experts ensures a meticulous and precise installation process, adhering to the highest safety and regulatory standards in the industry. We understand the criticality of indoor installations and take every precaution to optimize the HT VCB setup for efficient electrical distribution within your facility. Trust us to provide a seamless and reliable HT VCB installation experience, enhancing the operational efficiency of your electrical system indoors.

HT VCB Outdoor
Installation Services

When it comes to HT VCB installations in outdoor settings, V3NM stands as a trusted name in the industry. Our expertise lies in providing specialized HT VCB Outdoor Installation Services for High-Tension Vacuum Circuit Breakers (HT VCB) in outdoor environments. We recognize the unique challenges that outdoor installations pose and address them with precision and care. Our experienced team ensures the installation is executed with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to the highest safety and regulatory standards. We optimize the HT VCB setup, guaranteeing a seamless and reliable installation experience in the great outdoors, enhancing the reliability and performance of your electrical infrastructure.

Industrial Switchboard Operation
& Maintenance Services

From transformers to variable frequency drives (VFDs), we offer a wide selection of top-quality products, each with its specific capacity range. Find the perfect solutions to meet your operational needs in one convenient location.
Equipment Capacity Range
TransformersHV 500 KVA to EHV 16 MVA (16000 KVA)
Genset63 KVA to 1250 KVA
Compressors10 KW to 132 KW
Humidification Plants25000 cmh to 275000 cmh
RO Plant1 KL/Hr to 16 KL/Hr
Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)20 KLD to 150 KLD
Load Capacity (Micro to Macro)Up to 30000 KW
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)Up to 250 KW

Switchboard Process

In the installation and setup of industrial switchboards, when an industry requires alterations or additions to their electrical distribution system, we conduct a thorough analysis of their needs.Based on this analysis, we design MV Panels, SSB, APFC Panels, MCC, and DB, tailored to machinery loads in KW, aligning with IEE and CEIG Tamil Nadu standards. Subsequently, we obtain drawing approvals for the switchboards and proceed to installation and commissioning after acquiring the necessary safety certificate from CEIG Tamil Nadu.

Streamline Your Operations with Reliable Industrial Switchboard Solutions

Why Choose V3NM for Industrial Switchboard Installation

Trust V3NM for industrial switchboard installation services, leveraging 41 years of expertise in design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning with strict adherence to IEE and CEIG Tamil Nadu standards, ensuring top-notch service quality and compliance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What certifications and standards does V3NM adhere to for switchboard installations?

V3NM ensures switchboard installations adhere to established certifications and standards by designing in compliance with IE Rules and obtaining drawing approval from CEIG Tamil Nadu before proceeding with the installation process. V3NM ensures switchboard installations adhere to established certifications and standards by designing in compliance with IE Rules and obtaining drawing approval from CEIG Tamil Nadu before proceeding with the installation process.

2. Does V3NM provide installation services for both indoor and outdoor HT VCBs?

Yes, V3NM provides comprehensive installation services for both indoor and outdoor High-Tension Vacuum Circuit Breakers (HT VCBs), ensuring efficient electrical distribution in various environments.

3. How long does the industrial switchboard installation process typically take?

The industrial switchboard installation usually takes around two to three months, involving manufacturing, certification, delivery, and commissioning processes. The timeline includes drawing approval with CEIG Tamil Nadu and obtaining a safety certificate from CEIG Office.

4. Can V3NM provide custom solutions for unique industrial switchboard requirements?

Yes, V3NM specializes in providing custom solutions tailored to unique industrial switchboard requirements, ensuring optimal functionality, efficiency, and strict adherence to industry standards and safety protocols.

5. Does V3NM offer training on operating industrial switchboards after installation?

Yes, V3NM provides training on operating industrial switchboards, aligning with IE CODES and prioritizing safety and human well-being.
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